A day at UNITY

– Easy living in the “City of Smiles”
Are you dreaming of a place to call your own in the middle of an inspiring community? At UNITY Aarhus you’ll get room to relax in your own space in a fully furnished designer apartment. Get access to active communities with gym and training facilities, co-working spaces, rooftop terraces, and much more.

Early bird training community

Wake up and watch the sun rise upon Aarhus. Place your blanket in the built-in storage and transform your bed into a daybed. Jump into your training clothes and meet your neighbor at the running track. Run by your outdoor fitness facilities and catch up with the other early birds. If your energy level is through the roof, why not make a challenge: Who’ll reach the panoramic roof terrace on the 28th floor first up the stairs?

Breakfast with a view

Take a shower while the morning coffee is getting ready. Enjoy your favorite breakfast on your private balcony. If you’re studying or working from home, get the tasks of the day done at your multifunctional designer desk. Don’t worry about internet. You’ll get 6 months of free high-speed Wi-Fi and a discount afterward. The wonderful view will surely inspire you.

Inspiring co-working space

Do you want to network? Take a walk by the inspiring co-working spaces uWork – designed to make your creativity flow and great ideas grow. At uWork, free-living and business networks are combined with innovative environments for studying in diverse creative hubs. Whether you need a desk in a flexible set-up, want to have a meeting in the eminent meeting rooms, or join a motivating network to cooperate with, you can make the work-life balance you dream of at UNITY Aarhus. Check in and out of the communities as it suits you and let your flexible lifestyle flourish.

Gym, sauna, and café

Get your pulse up and do your reps in your lunch break. Drop by the café when the hunger shows up, or you’re in the mood for an americano, cortado, or flat white. When the job of the day is done, you can relax your mind and body at our yoga classes in the afternoon sun. In the cold months, feel the heat on the sauna terrace on the 14th floor.

Meet your friends on the rooftop

Assemble for dinner under the open sky as the sun sets over Aarhus, while the grill is getting fired up. Gather new and old friends and share a glass at one of our roof terraces. Maybe we’ll be lucky to see you for drinks at the rooftop on the 28th floor with the best panoramic view in town? Together we’re closer to heaven and high on life.

Time for streaming and some shut-eye

The moon and the stars are dancing in the night sky. Yet another lovely day is about to end. When you feel like spending your time alone, simply just return to your apartment. Let today’s events sink in and lay back and relax with your favorite series. When you’re ready to sleep, close your eyes. When the sun arises, a new day filled with opportunities awaits at UNITY Aarhus.
The housing concept of the future has arrived in Aarhus. Multifunctional apartments in different sizes by British design studio Tom Dixon – created for active communities.

Welcome home to UNITY Aarhus.

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