UNITY Aarhus

– a new way of living
The way we live is under constant development. The housing concept of the future is created with thoughtfulness for the environment and community. At UNITY Aarhus you live in private and will effortlessly allow you to join different communities with new inspiring friendships and relations with people from near and far. We’ll grant you the space to live your flexible lifestyle in top-class surroundings.

Three sizes to choose from

At UNITY Aarhus you’ll find 652 rental apartments with private balcony or terrace near the city center. You can choose between three sizes with 1, 2 or 3 rooms – all with kitchen and bathroom.

The largest apartments come with up to five different balconies pointing in different directions, so you’ll have the most sun-hours possible.

With your key fob, you can easily get in and out of the building that is secured with camera surveillance and good light sources.


Designed for everyday life

All apartments and common areas are designed in collaboration with the British design studio Tom Dixon. The studio is world-renowned for its pioneering design philosophy, excellent craftsmanship and re-interpretation of industrial design, minimalist aesthetics, and unique choice of materials.

It’s a new and unique match between UNITY’s Nordic DNA, Scandinavian design tradition and the recognized international design by Tom Dixon that completes the interior at UNITY.

“Young professionals and students deserve quality design and facilities that capsules Lower expenses don’t have to mean lower design value. UNITY is an answer to this challenge”, states Tom Dixon.


Sharing is caring

At UNITY Aarhus you’ll have your own place and share common areas with your neighbors. You’ll become a part of the new way of living.

“An integral element in our mindset is that we must be more collaborative in the future. To reach higher specifications, sharing is the solution. UNITY is a step in the direction to solve some of these fundamental challenges, or to catch the opportunity to rethink affordable housing with services of high quality, room planning, and community”, Tom Dixon says.

Should you move from UNITY, your furniture goes on to the next tenant. If you take good care of your apartment, you can help us with recycling the furniture to bring joy to many people’s lives for years to come.

5-in-1 concept

The collaboration with Tom Dixon gives a thoughtful and delicate design with a load of options in your apartment. Move the elegant, round mirror from the wall and make your table bigger if you’re expecting guests. Place your blanket in the built-in storage in your bed and turn it into a daybed or a couch. Turn your bench in the corridor into a desk. Even the radiator is heightened so you’ll have more space.

In an elegant hybrid between classic rental apartments and exclusive hotels, UNITY Aarhus is the housing concept that grants you more time and space to your flexible lifestyle with direct access to several attractive facilities.


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