New friends and network

We have made it easy for you to move to Aarhus and establish a network from day one. The UNITY framework gives you the opportunity of being yourself in your own, luxurious apartment with multifunctional designer furniture, kitchen, and bathroom. When you’re ready to socialize, you’ll have several options to meet like-minded people in the areas created for active communities.
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Easy to move into
– hard to say goodbye to

Living at UNITY Aarhus makes it easy for you to scale up and down your apartment size depending on your needs. Should your needs change along the way, it’s easy for you to downsize or upsize without having to move away from the community you’ll quickly become a part of. Moving into UNITY Aarhus is simple. Moving away is hard. UNITY Aarhus is more than just an apartment.

Created for communities

At UNITY Aarhus you can live side by side and effortlessly meet for dinner in our lounge areas with community kitchens or for barbeques at the roof terraces. Work out in the gym, sweat in the sauna, and watch movies or sports together with your eyes fixed on the large screen. If you’re not in the mood for cooking, grab a meal together at the café. If you’re studying or working together, meet up with all the other like-minded at uWork.

Move in with friends without being roomies

Imagine living under the same roof as all your friends. Well, at UNITY Aarhus you can. The only difference is that you live in your own apartment. Say goodbye to your roomie’s hair in the sink for good. No more foundation on the towels, smelly socks, dirty laundry, and greasy plates that aren’t yours. Instead, simply live next to each other in a place you can call your own.

Safe and sound

When you live at UNITY Aarhus, you’re safe. Live alone or together and join the community when you feel like it. Our extraordinary facilities and surroundings make it easy for you to get to know each other. Not only is it cozy, but also nice and convenient.

If you own a bike or car, you can store it in the secure parking place in the basement.

Our modern amenities have cameras and a key fob system to ensures your safety day and night.

Circularity is sustainable

At UNITY we share our tenants’ passion for a more sustainable life. We always strive to find new and better ways to help our planet when we design and maintain our properties. Here, we live in smaller units and share common areas, so we can all meet in communities.

Should you move from UNITY, your furniture goes on to the next tenant. If you take good care of your apartment, you can help us with recycling the furniture to bring joy to many people’s lives for years to come.

A new way to live in Denmark – already known in the Nordics

UNITY offers a unique way of living that has attracted great interest abroad. Now it has finally come to Denmark. This way of living includes several common areas that seamlessly support daily life, work, training, and community. All with your comfort in mind.

UNITY has made it our mission to supply you with functionality in the highest class. In aesthetic and multifunctional designer apartments with direct access to numerous facilities just outside your front door. We welcome you to our Nordic UNITY family.

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