Corporate housing


Smart housing for companies

We solve your employees’ housing needs. All they need to do, is bring their suitcase.

At UNITY Aarhus, we offer fully furnished rental studio- or 1 – 2 bedroom apartments.

We cover your employees’ housing needs so you can concentrate on onboarding them.

They will have a safe base, all about convenience and the exclusivity of a hotel, with great opportunities for socializing and networking in a highly accessible community, and all they need to bring is a suitcase.
Easy moving in and out.

Whether they are new in Aarhus or not, we will help them feel comfortable in their new home. With the opportunity of living next door to a colleague.

Choose between studio- or 1 – 2 room apartment with private kitchen, bathroom, balcony overlooking Aarhus, and access to common areas, rooftop terraces, and gym.


Feel free to download our brochure on corporate housing right here!

Short- or long-term rentals

We service your company, with a rental solution of fully furnished, entry ready apartments.

Fully furnished rental apartment

Your employee can choose their rental apartment with 1, 2 or 3 rooms with a living space from 29-93 m2.

All apartments have their own kitchen and bathroom and a private balcony or terrace.

The largest apartments have up to 5 balconies.

Children are of course also welcome in UNITY.

All apartments are fully furnished by British design brand Tom Dixon with a focus on multifunctionality.

  • Rent now - move in tomorrow
  • Including customized furniture by Tom Dixon
  • Private kitchen, bathroom, and balcony
  • Wi-Fi in all apartments
  • Flexibility
  • Stay for a short period or as long as your want
  • Bring all your personal belongings or nothing but a suitcase
  • Accessible and DDA friendly environment
  • Support & Community
  • In-house Operation & Network Manager
  • Welcome meetings and move-in assistance
  • Monthly events and activities
  • Safety
  • Access to My UNITY app for questions, booking and chat
  • Personal key cards and automatic door locks
  • Locked underground parking

Graduates, interns, expats, freelancers, commuters etc...
Attract new talent by offering a safe base with access to communities.


Tomorrow’s housing concept
is here today

Tomorrow’s housing concept is here today

From Helsinki and Aarhus to Tampere and Malmö. We offer tomorrow’s housing concept, a new and unique way of living, where you live in your own furnished apartment with full privacy and can access the community and healthy facilities right outside your door.

The modern design and community-focused setting makes it easy for each resident to combine work, workout and community in a simple everyday life that ensures an optimal work-life balance.

Attract new talents

– Live, work and explore


Talents are in demand, and convenience is key to attracting the very best to your team. With a cooperation with UNITY, your company gets a plug in ready housing solution to your staff, and a place where they will thrive.

Your employees can move directly into a furnished apartment. This seamless arrangement is designed to facilitate a smooth transition for new team members relocating for work, ensuring they feel at home from the moment they arrive.

UNITY offers everything from advanced co-working spaces, elegant lounge areas, and a fully equipped gym to rooftop terraces, a café and social meeting points.

Boost the sense of community
to help your employees thrive


At UNITY Aarhus, your talents, interns, and specialists can live, work, train, and socialize in one location instead of being spread across the city.

They live in their own private and furnished apartment and can find peace and quiet while being close to each other, allowing them to create a unique ‘after hours’ environment.

In the many relaxing areas, your employees can create food clubs, meet for fun events, and make new networking connections.

We also offer fitness and yoga in-house and meet in the sauna after work.

Let’s boost the sense of community and make everyone feel at home!

Get the job done!


With our uWork concept, you can keep track of your work schedule. Whether you need a fixed desk, a soundproof mute box for team meetings or a meeting room in a professional environment with access to a copy machine and free coffee and tea.

The inspiring surroundings offer an easy plug-n-play solution for at-home workdays and client meetings.

Work side-by-side with like-minded business professionals in our dynamic coworking spaces.

A perfect place for people that want to be fully organized – apartment, working desk, work locker, meeting booths and rooms, gym – everything you need in one place to be able to focus on your work!

– Vasja, Managing Director

Meet our Operation and Network Manager

As our Operation & Network Manager, Julia organises welcome meetings with new tenants and creates varied events and social activities depending on the season.

We have built a great community, and it does not just happen on its own.

If you want to know more about UNITY’s housing solutions, please reach out to Julia Dionies or our brokers.

danbolig Aarhus Projektsalg og udlejning
Bernhardt Jensens Boulevard 65
8000 Aarhus C
86 17 47 00
[email protected]


Nybolig Bruuns Bro
M.P. Bruuns Gade 3
8000 Aarhus C
86 17 40 11
[email protected]

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